What We Offer

The Liberty Godparent Home (LGH) also offers a variety of Case management Services, including Individual Service Planning (ISP), counseling services, psychiatric/psychological services as needed, and medical, educational and recreational services.Counseling services are provided on an individual and group basis. Weekly group sessions explore household dynamics, interpersonal relationships, personal goals, etc.

Each resident will participate in different classes that will help them move towards independent living skills. The following is a list of classes that are required for every resident to participate in:

  • Parenting Class – Different stages of development will be discussed as well as many other pertinent issues that new moms need to know. They will also do many hands-on activities such as diaper changing, bathing a baby, etc. Around the 30th week of pregnancy, each resident will be given a Reality-Works Doll to explore the responsibilities of being a mom.
  • Adoption Class (provided by Family Life Services) – During this class residents will have the opportunity to explore the process of adoption, the legalities of making an adoption plan, expectations, communication with an adoptive family, etc.
  • Life Skills Training – Each young woman receives training in the areas of cooking, cleaning, managing a home environment, creating a budget, as well as many other topics. These skills are taught in a class format and also in a practical way, as each resident is responsible for assigned chores in the home.
  • Spiritual Growth and Development – We encourage and provide times for devotions led by the Houseparent and guest speakers. Residents also regularly attend services at Thomas Road Baptist Church.
  • Nutrition Education – Each resident will learn the importance of healthy eating, portion sizes, food groups, and menu planning.
  • Prenatal Class – During this class, each expectant mother will learn about fetal growth and development as well as the stages of labor. As the pregnancy progresses, each resident will be paired with a volunteer to walk her through Lamaze class and the birthing experience.
  • Fitness and Exercise – We enjoy daily walking and exercise. Weekly water-aerobics class will be offered for those comfortable with swimming in our indoor pool.
  • Outside Activities – There are many opportunities for residents to experience components of life outside of the Home.
All residents are required to attend school, pursue a GED, or participate in vocational training. Classes are offered off site at Liberty Christian Academy through Liberty University Online Academy (grades 6-12). Tutoring services for GED and SAT exams are available as needed. To help each young lady build a positive future, the LGH staff is committed to educating the residents on Life Skills and other topics such as Decision-Making, Parenting, Adoption, and Nutrition.
Primary medical care is provided by a local OB/GYN practice. Our Health Educator teaches Pre-natal and Lamaze classes to help the young ladies understand the changes taking place in their bodies and prepare for delivery. While the medical portion of the client’s pregnancy is not covered by LGH, the staff is dedicated to exploring all available financial options prior to admission into the Home.
Case Management
Our trained staff provide both individual and group services to meet the needs of the residents. Case Management services ensure that each expecting mother has the opportunity to discuss goals, future plans, and support system for the future. Residents are referred to outside mental health care professionals for individual counseling.
Mommy & Me
From the moment the young lady enters the Home, we are working on her plan for after the baby arrives. If approved, residents are welcome to remain in our program until she is ready to transition into the next phase of her journey. After the arrival of the baby, we offer one-on-one parenting support and other resources to ensure her success as a new parent.
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